Seerat-ul-Mahdi is a book which details the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad with narrations from his wife, friends, family and those that came in to contact with him.

It was written by his son, Mirza Bashir Ahmad (b.1893) who was declared as the prophesised “moon of the prophets”, a title given to him by his father. It is meant to signify that all the light of all the prophets is reflected in him. Yet such a lofty title does not equate with the reduced importance the movement give to him now.

This book contains many strange stories about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. A man claiming that he is a prophet. You will not be surprised to find that this book is unavailable in English and for just under the last one hundred years there have been no plans on translating it either. You will only find it in Urdu if at all. However, we will give you some anecdotes from this book in the next section.