The Ahmadiyya, for propaganda purposes claim that they consider Ahle Sunnah Wal-Jammah as Muslims and within the fold of Islam. On the other hand Muslims are unanimous that the cult of Ahmadiyya is outside the fold of Islam. Their beliefs are deviant and heretical; we are not ambiguous about this fact. It is not a sect of Islam; it has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever.

We have shown in previous editions how they actually believe everyone outside of Ahmadiyya is considered a “non-believer” and a “Satan worshipper”. This is a common aspect of a cult. In a recent edition of Alfazl (14/10/11, P.3), Mirza Masroor Ahmad the head of the cult has stated that it is a “sin” for Ahmadiyya women to marry Muslim men.

This is yet further evidence of their divergence from Islam, simply because they do not follow Islam. Ahmadiyya is a new religion, it is not Islam.